Monday, 9 February 2009

A Place of my Own

Recently I have started rereading the first architecture book I read, 'A Place of my Own' by Michael Pollan, he is not an architect, nor is he a critic or theorist, just a writer. Whilst renovating his house, Pollan and his Architect discuss the possibility of building something to view from the bedroom window, the seed is sown and Pollan endeavours to build his place. The book is now out of print but you can still get copies on ebay and amazon, here is a brief synopsis.

A room of one's own: is there anybody who hasn't at one time or another wished for such a place, hasn't turned those soft words over until they'd assumed a habitable shape?

When writer Michael Pollan decided to plant a garden, the result was an award-winning treatise on the borders between nature and contemporary life, the acclaimed bestseller Second Nature. Now Pollan turns his sharp insight to the craft of building, as he recounts the process of designing and constructing a small one-room structure on his rural Connecticut property — a place in which he hoped to read, write and daydream, built with his two own unhandy hands.

Invoking the titans of architecture, literature and philosophy, from Vitrivius to Thoreau, from the Chinese masters of feng shui to the revolutionary Frank Lloyd Wright, Pollan brilliantly chronicles a realm of blueprints, joints and trusses as he peers into the ephemeral nature of "houseness" itself. From the spark of an idea to the search for a perfect site to the raising of a ridgepole, Pollan revels in the infinitely detailed, complex process of creating a finished structure. At once superbly written, informative and enormously entertaining, A Place of My Own is for anyone who has ever wondered how the walls around us take shape--and how we might shape them ourselves.

Here a few images of Michael Pollans place of his own.

Incidentally he has written other books too, have a look at his website here

Rem Koolhaas is on Fire!

Sad news in the architectural world, part off the CCTV building in Beijing by Rem Koolhaas is on fire, sources report as follows

'A fierce fire engulfed a major new building in Beijing that houses a luxury hotel and cultural center Monday, the last day of celebrations for the lunar new year when the city was alight with fireworks.

The building was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and is part of China Central Television's new headquarters, an angular wonder of modernist architecture that was built to coincide with the Beijing Olympics last year.

The fire was burning from the ground floor to the top floor, the flames reflecting in the glass facade of the main CCTV tower next to the hotel and cultural center.

The 241-room Mandarin Oriental hotel in the building was due to open this year.

Flames were spotted around 9:30 p.m., and within 20 minutes the fire had spread throughout the building'

To read the full story click here

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Some of you may have seen this before, but It is a project I really enjoy and has a good sense of fun about it, I have laser cur models myself and this is an interesting interpretation, or application of a similar process of making. This is the text from the architect eley kishimoto's website

A collaboration with 6a architects, the HAIRYWOOD project played with ideas of defining space and creating place through the interaction of structure and pattern repeat. The 6.3m tower with raised public space was launched at the opening of The Yard, the Architecture Foundation’s new gallery.
Here are some images I found below from
flickr courtesy of erase and

If you look on the website of the architect you can find the models of the tower, suprisingly these are not laser cut, perhaps this would have been a representation took close to the end product. after all it is better to leave some things to the imagination.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

How to improve this Blog

Since I am a frequent user of pushpullbar i have started a thread on the site about how to improve this site, please take a look and see how the conversation goes!

Monday, 2 February 2009


Just thought I'd mention the site that I probably use the most, related to architecture, and it is the forum at, based around the 3D modeling program Sketchup, it is a place where you can post your own work and receive feedback on it, rather like a crit. You can also get advice on software, practice, anything to do with architecture. You dont have to post about sketchup!

I highly reccomend it!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Small House Style

Have just found this brilliant website focusing on small houses, it's amazing how little space we actually need to live in

This blurb is from the website

'Small House Style is a web magazine dedicated to everything small house. Think bungalows, cottages, guest houses, cabins, sustainable architecture, green building, straw bale, prefab, modern, apartments, modular, simple, solar, wind and tiny - inside and outside. We love beautiful, modern and sustainable small buildings.'

We hope Small House Style is an inspiration to consumers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, lawyers, engineers, lenders, contractors, sticks-in-the-mud and treehuggers alike.'